Alert FAQs


What are “alerts”?

Text and/or email messages sent to users to inform them of activity on an account.

Will I automatically receive alerts, or do I have to sign up?

You will need to enroll for alerts if you wish to receive them.

Does AEP Texas charge for alerts?

AEP Texas does not, but standard text message and data rates may apply. These will vary based upon your mobile data plan with your cellular provider.

How do I sign up more than one cell number and/or email address for alerts?

There is no limit to the number of people who receive alerts regarding an account. In order to have multiple cell phone numbers and/or email addresses each person requesting the alert would need to create their own user identification and password.

What are the Terms & Conditions?

Vea las Términos y condiciones for Alerts and Subscriptions.

Terms & Conditions: Alerts and Subscriptions

By subscribing to American Electric Power Company’s Alerts Service, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

Alertas de Apagones

  • AEP shall NOT have any liability for any delay or failure to deliver an outage related notification.
  • Planned outages and notifications of such outages will normally not generate an outage-related notification.
  • Los destinatarios considerarán cualquier información relacionada con un apagón como una guía y no como una garantía absoluta. AEP will send outage related notifications based upon available information, we do not guarantee that the notifications will be without error.
  • Due to variations in equipment from one area to another, it is likely that there will be variations in the accuracy of outage related notifications from one area to another.
  • Brief outages will normally not generate an outage-related notification.
  • During large scale outage events, the frequency and timeliness of outage updates may be impacted.
  • Alerts shall only be sent when we believe a power outage exists at a subscribed address. Thus, there will not be a consistent pattern to when alerts will be sent.


  • AEP does NOT warrant or guarantee that alerts will be sent or received and AEP shall NOT be responsible for any lost or misdirected messages.
  • By electing to participate in this program you are authorizing AEP to contact you via the avenue elected with transactional messages pertaining to this relationship. Accepting this service shall be considered as affirmative consent to receive the related messages should these messages ever be classified as commercial in nature.
  • AEP shall NOT have any liability under any theory of recovery, whether in contract or tort, for any loss or damages due to delay or failure to deliver an alert. Without limiting the previous sentence, AEP disclaims any liability, expressed or implied, for indirect or consequential damages arising from your subscription to AEP's alert service.
  • End-user agrees not to publish, copy, communicate to the public, edit, retransmit, or amend any data received as part of AEP's alert services. The data communicated via the service is provided for your personal non-commercial use only and may not be used for any other purpose.
  • Information and data ("Personal Data") that you have provided when using AEP’s alert services will only be used by AEP and its suppliers and contractors for company purposes.
  • Data other than Personal Data may be aggregated and used for the purpose of undertaking market research or in facilitating reviews, developments and improvements to AEP’s alert services.
  • Each AEP subsidiary has a complete Privacy Policy:
  • You may discontinue some or all alerts at any time by modifying your alert subscription or by unsubscribing entirely. You may do so after logging in at the appropriate AEP subsidiary's website:
  • If you need assistance in modifying your alert subscription or in unsubscribing entirely you may contact one of AEP’s Customer Operations Centers:
    • AEP Ohio - 1-800-672-2231
    • AEP Texas - 1-877-373-4858
    • Appalachian Power - 1-800-982-4237
    • Indiana Michigan Power - 1-800-311-4634
    • Kentucky Power - 1-800-572-1113
    • Public Service Company of Oklahoma - 1-888-216-3523
    • Southwestern Electric Power Company - 1-888-216-3523
    • Cuentas Nacionales - 1-888-710-4237
  • AEP has ten days to process an unsubscribe request.
  • AEP is authorized to send a communication to you should you choose to unsubscribe, to verify your request.
  • These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by applicable state law.

Additional E-mail Alert Terms and Conditions

  • In order to avoid e-mail alerts from being directed as spam, please add the appropriate e-mail address to your e-mail address book or spam filter. Please contact your e-mail service provider for instructions on how to add addresses to your address book or spam filter if needed.
  • These e-mail addresses are used for sending only, they do not receive e-mail. Any e-mails sent to these addresses will not be received; therefore, we will not be able to respond to you. Please send any e-mail communications to
  • If you send us an e-mail with questions or comments, AEP may use your e-mail address and other personal information included in your correspondence in order to respond to you.
  • If you provide us with your e-mail address in order to receive alerts, AEP may use your e-mail address to send you other types of information.
  • End-user may unsubscribe directly from an e-mail by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link near the bottom of the email.

Additional Text Alert Terms and Conditions

  • Text alerts shall be sent from 23711.
  • For text alerts, standard rate charges apply as per the end-user’s agreement with his/her mobile phone service provider. Pueden aplicarse tarifas por mensajes y datos. AEP assumes NO responsibility for any service charges.
  • AEP has no control over end-user agreements with mobile phone service providers and therefore is not responsible for and will not be liable for any breach of the terms of such agreement or any mistake that may arise in the billing process.
  • End-user acknowledges that he/she is the owner or legitimate user of the mobile phone registered, or that he/she has the express consent of the owner or legitimate user.
  • End-user is responsible for providing and maintaining a mobile phone and ensuring connection to a mobile network capable of receiving the text alerts.
  • End-user acknowledges that the text alerts may, at any time, be adversely affected by problems with the mobile phone network; including, without limitation, interference to the network coverage. AEP shall not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage or expenses incurred directly or indirectly by end-user as a result of any difficulties experienced by any cellular phone service provider.
  • Text messages cannot exceed 160 characters, including the sender's callback number and the destination number/e-mail address. Some phone models support a higher character limit and enhanced messaging features, which the message recipient may not be able to view if their service provider or phone does not support them.
  • AEP may discontinue text alerts at any time.
  • When an end-user ports his/her telephone number between carriers, he/she is required to re-opt in to text alerts.
  • If no alerts are sent or received for eighteen months, the user's opt-in to that offering will expire. The user must opt-in again to the program in order to receive alerts.
  • End-user may unsubscribe from text alerts by texting STOP to 23711.
  • End-user may obtain assistance via text by texting HELP to 23711.

Updated Terms and Conditions

The user agrees to the terms and conditions herein, including the fact that the terms and conditions can be updated from time to time. The Company will provide the user with any new terms and conditions as they become effective. The Customer agrees that if any new term or condition is not acceptable that the user will take the affirmative action to withdraw from the service. Failure to withdraw after an updated term and condition will be considered as acceptance of the new terms and conditions, as authorized by this initial enrollment in the program.


Términos y condiciones

The terms and conditions for alerts have changed.

Please read the new Términos y condiciones.

We're sorry. There was an error when processing your request.
Por favor intente de nuevo más tarde.


I'm at work. I received a notification that there is a power outage in the area where I live. How will I know if my home is affected by the outage?

You will receive a follow-up notification that confirms if your home or business is affected.

Why did you change the time my power will be restored? (Why did the estimated restoration time change?)

When an outage is reported, our system first reports the average amount of time it takes for our crews to restore service. That time may change once a crew has assessed the damage to the electric system and determines what repairs need to be made before your power is restored. If the restoration time changes, you will receive an updated notification of the new time as well as confirmation when power has been restored.

Why did the power go out?

There are several reasons why your power may have gone out, including a vehicle accident, a tree or animal on the power line, or weather-related issues such as lightning, ice or strong winds. Our crews will report the cause of the outage when it is available. In some cases, the cause of your outage may not be immediately clear.

A big storm just came through, but you don't list an estimated restoration time. ¿Por qué?

Once the storm has passed and it's safe to work outside, our crews will begin assessing the damage and develop estimated restoration times. We'll share those with you as soon as they are available.

Your system says my power will be on 3 days from now. That's too long to wait!

Our crews always work as quickly and safely as possible to get your power restored. We provide the most accurate estimate as possible so that you can make appropriate decisions about next steps that are in the best interest of your home and family. Keep in mind, our estimated restoration times show when we expect power will be restored to nearly all customers in an area. As crews work to repair damage in the area, it is possible your power could be restored well before that time. You will be notified of any change to your estimated restoration time.

How does AEP Texas determine whose power is restored first following a storm?

Our first priority is to restore power to critical community services such as hospitals, nursing homes, water treatment plants, first responders, shelters, medical clinics, communications centers, military installations, and schools. Then, we focus on fixing stations or main power lines that can restore service to the largest amount of customers affected the quickest. After these facilities are restored, we then focus our efforts on smaller community pockets or individual customers.

I’m not at home. How will I know when my power has been restored?

We will send a notification when the power has been restored to your home or business.

My parents have life support, and need power now.

Life-support customers should take precautionary measures to protect themselves in the event of a power loss. Contact relatives or friends for assistance or temporary arrangements in the event of a prolonged outage. Mantenga los números de emergencia (médicos, hospitales, servicios de seguridad, servicios públicos) cerca de su teléfono. Please make arrangements to keep you and your family safe.

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Política de Privacidad

Política de Privacidad de AEP Texas, a unit of American Electric Power (AEP)


Esta Política de Privacidad sólo se aplica a y la aplicación móvil para el cliente de AEP Texas (com.aep.customerapp.aeptexas). Otros sitios web y aplicaciones de AEP pueden regirse por sus propias políticas de privacidad, adecuadas al uso y las necesidades propias. Mediante el sitio o la apliación, podemos proporcionar enlaces a recursos y sitios que no son parte de o la aplicación móvil para el cliente de AEP Texas. Esta Política de Privacidad no rige en dichos recursos y sitios.


Al usar este sitio o la aplicación, el cliente acepta los términos de esta Polítca de Privacidad. Cuando envía información mediante este sitio o la aplicación, acepta que se recopile, use y divulgue dicha información acorde a esta Política de Privacidad.

Información obtenida

  1. Información recopilada en forma pasiva

    Durante su uso de este sitio o la aplicación, podemos recopilar información anónima sobre su visita mediante registros de servidor, cookies, códigos de programación, píxeles de seguimiento y otro tipo de sistema de seguimiento de tráfico en Internet. La información se recopila y usa para mejorar la experiencia del usuario a través del análisis de las actividades de los usuarios. La información jamás se combina con ningún tipo de información de identificación personal que pueda proporcionar al usar las funciones del sitio o la aplicación.
  2. Información personal identificable

    En ciertos formularios del sitio o la aplicación, podemos solicitarle que proporcione información personal o sobre su cuenta, ya sea para identificarlo o para que solicite un servicio nuestro. En cada caso, le informaremos qué información podrá suministrarnos, si así lo deseara, y qué información es necesaria para completar la transacción o actividad en la que usted está involucrado. Si usted no desea brindar esta información requerida, no podrá completar la transacción solicitada.

Uso y divulgación de la información

La información que usted nos suministre se usará para responder a sus posibles solicitudes de servicio. Parte o toda esta información se puede agregar a su registro permanente de cuenta y se puede usar con fines investigativos.

Además, es posible que usemos cierto contenido de dicha información en las siguientes situaciones:

  1. Podemos transferir información a las afiliadas y subsidiarias de AEP Texas, a menos que esté prohibido por ley;
  2. Podemos transferir la información como parte de una fusión, una consolidación, una adquisición, un desposeimiento u otras reestructuraciones corporativas (que incluye la bancarrota).
  3. Podemos poner la información a disposición de terceros que estén suministrando el producto, servicio o información que usted ha solicitado (pero no su contraseña);
  4. Podemos poner dicha información a disposición de terceros que proporcionan servicios a AEP Texas (por ejemplo, proporcionar información a terceros que prestan servicios relacionados con las computadoras a AEP Texas;
  5. Podemos usar la información para comunicarnos con usted y ofrecerle productos y servicios que quizá sean de su interés.
  6. Podemos divulgar la información si creemos de buena fe que dicha divulgación es necesaria para la investigación, prevención o toma de medidas con respecto a actividades ilegales, interferencias en la operación de nuestro sitio, o bien la violación de sus términos de uso; o
  7. Podemos divulgar la información si consideramos que la misma es requerida por una ley o regulación, o bien en respuesta a una citación u otra orden de un tribunal u organismo gubernamental.

AEP Texas utiliza el servicio Flurry Analytics Service (ofrecido por Yahoo) para mejorar sus aplicaciones móviles La política de privacidad de Flurry rige el uso de dicha información.

Además, AEP Texas se reserva el derecho de compartir toda información añadida (es decir, información no personal identificable) con terceros por cualquier motivo, salvo que esté prohibido por ley.

No venderemos, alquilaremos ni divulgaremos la información que recopilemos sobre usted o su cuenta a terceros, excepto en los casos definidos en esta Política de Privacidad.


AEP Texas toma medidas razonables para proteger su información personal identificable, tal como la recibe, mediante el uso de tecnologías Web como Secure Sockets Layer y otras. Sin embargo, ninguna transmisión de información por Internet es completamente segura o está libre de errores. En particular, los e-mails enviados por o para AEP Texas pueden no ser seguros.

Cómo Contactarnos

Si desea actualizar su información personal identificable o si tiene preguntas sobre esta política de privacidad, contáctenos.

Cambios en Esta Política

AEP Texas se reserva el derecho de cambiar esta Política de Privacidad en cualquier momento. Si esta Política de Privacidad cambia, la política revisada se publicará en este sitio. Revise esta Política de Privacidad antes de suministrar información personal identificable mediante este sitio. El uso de nuestro sitio web luego de la publicación de una política de privacidad revisada constituye su aceptación de dicha política.

La política se revisó por última vez el 13 de diciembre de 2017.

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